Libenti Equestrian

Handmade products for horse and rider

You dream it, we make it!

All of our products are handmade using top quality materials only and are highly customizable, according to your wishes.

Rope halters

Our broad collection of rope halters ranges from the Classic model up to our Premium and Braided models, as well as Photo halters, Emergency halters and Reflex halters. Please find our current range of models and their special introduction prices in the highlights of our instagram page.


Consider our accessoires like the Leadrope, English reins or Western reins or our Neck rope as the finishing touch of the composition of for your halter. All accessoires can be made in matching colors to your rope halter, or any other color if you please. See our instagram page for all available accessories.


All our products are available in both standard and custom sizes and in a large variation of colors. Depending on the model, our products can be further customized with end caps, sidepull rings, as well as braided nose and neck pieces in multiple variations and colors. All the available options can be found at our instagram page.