Foaling hotel

Luxurious Boarding with Foal Watch for Pregnant Mares!

We offer you a comprehensive boarding service with full care and special foal watch for your pregnant mares.


Day and Night Monitoring

We maintain constant surveillance of your mares using cameras in the stalls. In addition, we use a foal alarm that securely attaches to the horse’s halter. Our careful monitoring doesn’t only apply during the foaling period, but we continue to monitor the mare and foal even after foaling. We have a close collaboration with experienced veterinarians who are ready to assist with any complications.

Price and Included Services

Special Foal Watch Fee

To ensure the best possible care, we also offer a foal watch for a one-time fee of SEK 2,500 (excluding VAT).


Foaling hotel

For only SEK 250 per day (excluding VAT), you can enjoy our hotel service. The price includes high-quality hay, well-structured straw, nutritious grain feed, and daily care for your horses.


We look forward to providing your pregnant mares and their upcoming foals with the loving and attentive care they deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to reserve a spot for your beloved horses!